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United States Fruit Production by State
Based on USDA stats between 2004 and 2007.






1 Michigan Washington California Maine Washington | Oregon Illinois
2 Washington New York South Carolina Michigan Oregon | North Carolina California
3 Utah Michigan Georgia New Jersey California | Michigan Ohio
4 New York Pennsylvania Michigan North Carolina Michigan | Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
5 Wisconsin California New Jersey Oregon Pennsylvania | Wisconsin Michigan

Michigan offers the largest, wide variety of non-citrus fruit production in US.

If you don't live in the Northwest, there is no better place to live than Michigan when it comes to available fruit. Moreover, most fruit producers are small businesses, typically family owned. This opens the opportunity for you and the grower to provide UPick. Take advantage of your state!

Michigan Department of Agriculture: As Michiganís second largest economic driver, our agri-food sector is a multi-billion dollar a year business and produces more than 200 commodities, ranking second only to California in agricultural diversity. Not only does Michigan lead the nation in production of 20 agri-food commodities, but is also 1st and 4th in the nation for floriculture and Christmas tree production, respectively.

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